Economic Development


As a result of Stephen’s efforts to reduce red tape, promote entrepreneurism and promote our rural areas thousands of new well paying jobs have been created in Cumberland Ward.

Attracting Amazon to locate in Carlsbad Springs – investing hundreds of millions to create jobs in Cumberland Ward
Tax incentives to develop office based jobs in Orléans
Rural interchange promotion and water extension
LRT to Orléans through the heart of economic activity
Cutting red tape to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business
Affordable and predictable tax rates

One of the biggest challenges facing Orléans is the lack of office based jobs.

As a result of Stephen’s efforts to reduce red tape, promote entrepreneurism and show off our rural areas thousands of new jobs well paying jobs have been created in Cumberland Ward helping lead to the lowest unemployment rate in Ottawa in 30 years.

For decades the Federal Government has refused to bring a federal department to Orléans despite a majority of Orléans residents working for the federal government.

Stephen has made great efforts to try and make Orléans a more attractive option both for the federal government and the private sector.


At Councillor Blais’ urging the City of Ottawa passed a tax incentive program for Orléans known as a Community Improvement Plan. If a group wants to convert an existing low scale development or a parking lot into an office use that will attract jobs in some important targeted sectors the landowner can receive tax incentives for up to 10 years. This will reduce the cost of development or allow the landowner to offer lower rents to potential tenants to attract them to Orléans.


Stephen has been the champion of extending LRT to Orléans. By using the 174 corridor for the train the lands adjacent at Youville, Place d’Orléans and Trim become much more valuable and likely to develop into office parks and mixed use communities.

Coupled with the Tax Incentives under the Community Improvement Plan we could soon see offices built in the parking lots that take up much of the land along HWY 174.


Stephen has led the charge on reducing red tape and making it easier to establish and grow a business in Orléans. Zoning has been pre-approved in important areas for future job sites saving entrepreneurs time and money at the early stages of their business.

Stephen also supported the creating of a concierge service for entrepreneurs who are bringing important economic development projects forward.

This service provides important assistance in navigating the regulations around land use planning and establishing a business in Ottawa.


Stephen also worked hard to broaden the zoning along the main streets in Cumberland’s villages to make it easier for small businesses to establish along the main streets. We’ve seen a renaissance of small business in Cumberland Village with a new bakery, art studio and future brewery providing better service to the residents of Cumberland.

Stephen also advocated for promoting our rural industrial parks along the 417 interchanges at Boundary Road and Rockdale road. The City has put a focus on promoting these areas and has approved the policies to allow water to be extended to Boundary Road to further enhance the potential of these lands.

As a result of these efforts the City has received applications for new private sector job creators. An office and maintenance facility along Russell Road and a new major warehousing facility at Boundary Road.

More than 1,000 new well-paying jobs will be created in rural Cumberland as a result of Blais’ efforts to promote our rural areas.

8 years of progress

Getting things done. Results that matter!


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As a result of Stephen’s efforts to reduce red tape, promote entrepreneurism and show off our rural areas thousands of new jobs well paying jobs have been created in Cumberland Ward. More...


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