Stephen has been focused on improving OC Transpo with new routes and higher capacity buses while keeping the bus pass affordable and providing more value to residents.

LRT to Orléans a decade ahead of time
Eliminated express fare premium saving Orléans rush hour commuters almost $300 a year.
Eliminated rural premium to make it more affordable to take OC Transpo from our villages
Transferable bus pass to get more value from your monthly investment
More capacity and less standing on Orléans routes with articulated and double decker buses
New bus routes to reduce travel time to downtown
Added routes to provide service to our growing community
Expanded Trim Road park and ride
Labour peace and NO bus strikes


Stephen is known as the LRT Champion for a reason. Stephen has been focused like a laser on ensuring Orléans is serviced by fast, comfortable and reliable LRT.

“His efforts played a major role in bringing light rail out to the east…” – Sue Sherring, Ottawa Sun

Orléans will be the only suburban community serviced by LRT when it arrives at Trim Road in 2022 – at least a decade earlier than before Stephen was elected.

There will be 4 LRT stations in Orléans: Jeanne d’Arc, Orléans Blvd., Place d’Orléans and Trim Road. All bus routes in Orléans will be oriented to take residents to the nearest LRT station. During rush hour, the trains will run every 5 minutes or less, ensuring a quick transition and fast service downtown.

As part of LRT, the park and ride at Trim Road will be expanded with the addition of a parking structure. This will significantly increase the capacity and allow more residents to Park and Ride on OC Transpo.


Stephen has pushed OC Transpo to continuously improve and expand the service offered to Orléans residents.

Stephen worked with OC Transpo to create route 30 down Brian Coburn Boulevard. This provided a fast option for rush hour commuters – saving 10 minutes compared to the other options available at the time. It also provides a direct way to get to the entertainment district at Gloucester Centre in off peak times without a transfer.

Stephen has continuously looked for ways to ensure our growing community has the service it needs. When the City purchased new double deckers buses, Cumberland Ward was one of the first to benefit with more capacity, making sure more people can have a seat on the way to work.

At Councillor Blais’ urging, City Council approved $18.4 million to purchase 17 new double decker buses and increase operational spending by $3.5 million a year to service new and growing communities as part of the 2017 budget.

The old express route 35 was one of the busiest rush hour routes in Ottawa. But as Avalon continue to grow south it also became a bit of a milk route.

Stephen worked with OC Transpo to divide the route in two. Connexion Route #235 was created to service Fallingbrook exclusively saving residents about 4 minutes of travel time per direction.

The Connexion Route #236 was created to service Avalon. The #236 saves 700 customers in Avalon about 6 minutes of travel time each way. That’s almost 1 hour of extra time at the end of the week.

In 2018, OC Transpo created Connexion Route #225 to service the west side of Summerside West up Mer Bleue. Stephen was also to secure funding to create Connexion Route #234 to provide service to Summerside West and Avalon Encore and to residents of Chaperal along Gerry Lalonde Drive.

At Stephen’s urging OC Transpo also expanded route #221 service into Cardinal Creek Village. By asking Taggart to accelerate the construction of Cardinal Creek Drive this allowed OC Transpo to loop the route directly into the community. As more residents in Cardinal Creek Village use the service residents in Cumberland Village will benefit from buses with greater capacity and more frequency.

8 years of progress

Getting things done. Results that matter!


Healthy living for everyone
Stephen has pushed for 12 new parks to be built in Cumberland Ward and aging play structures have been replaced at 3 more parks. More...


What if it were your child?
Stephen has lead the way with the introduction of traffic calming measures throughout Cumberland Ward. More...


LRT to Orléans a generation early
Investing in LRT will help reduce time wasted commuting and help us spend more time with our families. More...


Better, higher paying jobs
As a result of Stephen’s efforts to reduce red tape, promote entrepreneurism and show off our rural areas thousands of new jobs well paying jobs have been created in Cumberland Ward. More...


Reducing commute times
Stephen has made reducing commute times a top priority – helping ensure we can all spend more time with our loved ones, being more productive at work and the plethora of activities we enjoy in our free time. More...


Faster more reliable public transit
Stephen has been focused on improving OC Transpo with new routes and higher capacity buses while keeping the bus pass affordable and providing more value to residents. More...