Parks & Recreation


Stephen has pushed for 12 new parks to be built in Cumberland Ward and aging play structures have been replaced at 3 more parks.

12 New parks
$8 million Millennium Park Expansion
François Dupuis Recreation Centre
François Dupuis Recreation Centre expansion and rock wall
Three revitalized play structures
Trans Orléans Pathway system
Affordable registration fees for families

Prior to Stephen being elected to city council, neighbourhoods were being planned and built with parks coming 5 to 7 years after the fact. Families were paying premiums to be near a park that was never built. By the time the park planning began their kids had missed out at the opportunity to play outdoors, meet new friends, and learn the lessons we all learn playing at the local park.

Since being elected in 2010, millions have been invested and 12 new parks have been built in Cumberland Ward. In addition to the new parks, aging play structures have been replaced at three additional parks.

Cumberland Ward has also benefited from massive investment in world class sports and recreation facilities.


In his very first budget in 2011, Stephen secured the funds necessary to break ground on the first new pool in Ottawa since amalgamation in 2001. The pool opened in 2013 and quickly became one of the most popular recreation facilities in the City. Stephen secured the funds for a facility expansion, which added a second multipurpose room, full gymnasium and a rock wall. Stephen also secured the funds to add two soccer fields and a cricket pitch on the city lands at the centre.


Millennium Park has been a wonderful amenity in our community since first established by Cumberland Township. While enjoying this park with his young son, Stephen developed a vision to truly make Millennium Park a destination for all families and people of all ages. In 2014, he brought forward an ambitious and innovative plan to expand the park.

Stephen proposed working with local homebuilders to finance the $8 million expansion of the park without using any property tax dollars.

A stadium with artificial turf field was added to allow for the hosting of major sporting events, along with early and late season capacity for participants. The inaugural All Saints Bowl drew a record crowd of over 1,200 people to watch high school football that also raised thousands of dollars for St. Peter and St. Matthew’s High Schools.

A new community centre was added to the park that includes renovated bathrooms, office and storage space, a locker room for sports teams and kitchen with exterior serving window to act as a canteen during major events at the park.

Three additional grass soccer fields were also added and a multiuse pathway network throughout the park. The pathway extends through the woodlot to the south east and includes bench fit activities along the way.

And during those hot and humid dog days of Summer in Ottawa, one of the biggest splash pads in Ottawa was added for kids and parents to cool off after enjoying some much needed reprieve from Ottawa’s cold and wintery months.


Stephen began this initiative by partnering with Minto to deliver the long-awaited Vista Park. That partnership got the ball rolling and every other home builder came on board.

NOW, every park that is to be built follows this process and as a result, has now been completed. This has afforded our community to begin working on the next generation of parks in growing communities of Cardinal Creek Village, Avalon Encore and Summerside West.

Instead of waiting years, parks are built by the homebuilder early in the process as part of the neighbourhood. Parks are already built when residents move in or ready within a year of taking possession.

New Parks:
Linda Dunn Park – south Fallingbrook
Hillside Estates Park – Cumberland Village
Ouellette Park – Chaperal
Vista Park – Avalon
Lalonde Conservation Park – Notting Hill
Boisdale Park – Avalon
Norman Edwards Park – Summerside
Joseph Vezina Park – Summerside
Cassandra Park – Vars
Millstone Park – Cardinal Creek Village
Sweetvalley Park – Summerside West
Henri Rocque Park – Avalon Encore

Planning Underway:
Mondaria Park – Summerside West
Don Boudria Park – Avalon Encore

Renewed Play structures:
Cardinal Farm Park – Queenswood Heights
Wilfrid Murray Park – Cumberland Village
Gardenway Park – Fallingbrook

8 years of progress

Getting things done. Results that matter!


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Stephen has pushed for 12 new parks to be built in Cumberland Ward and aging play structures have been replaced at 3 more parks. More...


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