Stephen has made reducing commute times a top priority – helping ensure we can all spend more time with our loved ones, being more productive at work and the plethora of activities we enjoy in our free time.

Widened and extended arterial roads like Trim Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard
Environmental Assessment to widen HWY 174
Record investment in road renewal to make existing roads smoother
Improved intersections with roundabouts and left turn lanes
Planning for growth ahead of time to ensure roads keep pace with housing

Disturbingly, Ottawa residents lose 81 hours being stuck in traffic, which is only slightly behind Toronto at 83 hours. When you consider Toronto has more than more than five times our population, these figure become even more alarming.

Stephen has made reducing commute times a top priority – helping ensure we can all spend more time with our loved ones, being more productive at work and the plethora of activities we enjoy in our free time.

HWY 174

Early in his first mandate Stephen brought forward a motion to begin the process of widening HWY 174.

“One of his early accomplishments was securing an environmental assessment for the expansion of Highway 174.” – Ottawa Citizen

Securing $5 million from the Government of Ontario to review widening the HWY from the Split all the way to Rockland.

The recommendations were approved by Ontario in 2017 and as a result of Stephen’s persistence the City has requested $30 million as part of the light rail program to add an HOV lane on HWY 174 as part of LRT construction. When LRT is built in the middle of HWY 174, the existing bus lanes become redundant and with a small strip on either side can be converted into a new lane from the Split to Jeanne d’Arc.

Stephen also secured the funding to build a complete interchange at Trim Road as part of the LRT construction project.


When Stephen was first elected Brian Coburn Boulevard, known then as the Blackburn Bypass Extension, ended just west of Tenth Line.

Stephen knew that the road would be an important arterial connection to relieve pressure from Innes Road and support housing growth that was on the horizon.

He immediately went to work and had the City strike a partnership with Tamarack Homes to open up the first extension to Mer Bleue. This was an important first step in bringing more traffic to the Jeanne d’arc onramp of HWY 174 relieving pressure on Tenth Line Road.

At the same time, Stephen was working hard to secure the funding to build the second extension further west to Navan Road. This extension opened in 2017 and is designed with roundabouts to keep traffic flowing and multiuse pathways to allow joggers and cyclist to stay safe off the road.

The Brian Coburn extension provides a quick alternative for Avalon residents to access the Blackburn Bypass and HWY 417 at Innes Road. The extension has saved 10 minutes of driving, in each direction, for many residents in south Orléans.

The next stage of Brian Coburn Boulevard is under review right now and Stephen supports extending the road further west to connect to Renaud Road and the Anderson Road roundabout. This would allow for a further alternative to the Blackburn Bypass and allow for the future connection to Walkley and Hunt Club.


When Stephen was first elected the Trim Road was a small, winding, country road being used by thousands of Orléans residents every day to access HWY 174 and the Trim Park & Ride.

The widening and re-alignment of Trim had been much discussed and studied – but never funded.

Right away Stephen worked to get the widening on track and shovels broke ground in February 2011 to widen the section from Brian Coburn Boulevard to Innes Road.

In 2012, Stephen worked to get the section from Innes Road north to HWY 174 designed and funded. Now complete, the re-aligned and widened Trim Road provides a proper arterial road connection with multiuse pathways to our growing community. It connects two park and rides, provides access to public transit and the roundabouts facilitate the flow of traffic to HWY 174.


Stephen hasn’t always supported roundabouts but now, after a few years of seeing them in action, believes they are a critical part of keeping traffic flowing when installed at the right location.

Stephen has lead the way in ensuring the use of roundabouts on important arterial roads like Trim and Brian Coburn to ensure that traffic flows and we can spend more time with our families and less time idling in traffic.

In addition to keeping traffic flowing roundabouts are better for the environment as there are fewer idling cars polluting our air creating smog.

When bus stops are located properly on the near side, and thought is given to cyclists, roundabouts make it much easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road.

Since Stephen’s election we’ve seen 4 roundabouts on built as part of the Trim Road project.

Roundabouts on Brian Coburn at Portobello, Mer Bleue Road, Fern Casey and Navan Road. In 2018 a roundabout is being constructed at the intersection with Strasbourg / Des Aubépines with another being installed at Gerry Lalonde / Jerome Jodoin when Minto is ready to connect it, likely in 2019.

A roundabout is also planned for the future intersection of Découer Street and Mer Bleue Road when those roads connect to ensure Avalon Encore and Summerside West residents can exit their community quickly and safely.

A roundabout is also planned for the intersection of Frank Kenny and Innes Road to make it more convenient and safer for those travelling north from Navan.

Stephen also led the way on having the roundabout installed at Anderson Road and Renaud to keep traffic flowing for those heading south and for rural residents coming north to head into the city.

Going forward, it is important to design roads and intersections well in advance to keep the land available for a roundabout and ensure that our precious tax dollars aren’t being spent twice.

More education is needed and Stephen is committed to working with the transportation department to ensure residents are informed of the rules using a roundabout, in particular signaling their intention to turn or not.

8 years of progress

Getting things done. Results that matter!


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Stephen has made reducing commute times a top priority – helping ensure we can all spend more time with our loved ones, being more productive at work and the plethora of activities we enjoy in our free time. More...


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